Science for Peace Weekly Lectures

Vital Discussions of Human Security, 2016-2017 series

14 Sep 2016:
Digital Disruption and the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Sam Lanfranco, Professor Emeritus and Senior Scholar (Economics), York U
21 Sep 2016:
Sustainability: Are We Missing the Point?
Alex Belyakov, The Roots Collaborative, Founding Member
28 Sep 2016:
Are the UN SDGs Worth the Cost and Effort?
Mitu Sengupta, Associate Professor of Political Science, Ryerson University
5 Oct 2016:
The Prospects for an Effective National Climate Change Strategy in Canada
Mark Winfield, Professor of Environmental Studies, York University
12 Oct 2016:
What is Terror, Who are the Terrorists, and Why do they Use Terror?
Martin Klein, Professor Emeritus of History, University of Toronto
19 Oct 2016:
Women and the Gift Economy: The Alternative Paradigm
Genevieve Vaughan, Semiotician and author based in Rome and Texas
26 Oct 2016:
IQ Policy and Development in Nunavut
Gail Russel, Course Instructor, Canadian Studies program, U of T.
2 Nov 2016:
The Overvaluation Trap
Alison Kemper, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship & Strategy, Ryerson U.
9 Nov 2016:
Towards This Generation's New Left: Impediments and Possibilities
Richard Sandbrook, Prof. Emeritus of Political Science, U of Toronto
16 Nov 2016:
Gandhian Village Movement in India: Women and nonviolence
Lyn Adamson and Lee Ann McKenna, nonviolence trainers and mediators
23 Nov 2016:
Cold Science: The Cold War and Environmental Science in the Canadian Arctic
Stephen Bocking, Professor of Environmental History, Trent University
30 Nov 2016:
Turkey's Struggle for Democracy
Mustafa Koç, Professor of Sociology, Ryerson University

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